Molly Dee

American painter, Molly Dee was born in Buffalo, NY in 1938. After studying at the acclaimed Albright Knox Art School, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1960 from the University of Buffalo. Work for her Masters of Art Degree in 1973 and subsequent graduate studio work was done at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Molly, the Romanticist paints in sepia tone to evoke an entirely personal, immediate, familiar and pleasantly emotional response. Molly, the Minimalist, style diminishes the volume in human forms against landscapes, diverting the viewers attention to mood. As a Figurative painter, she prefers sepia tone to animate body language and unspoken expressions among her subject gatherings. Hers is a Modernist voice applied to a traditionalist vocabulary.
Molly’s pieces are inspired by old family photographs and vintage postcards. She transforms antique images into larger-than-life paintings,

which evoke memories of our own families. Nostalgic in subject yet contemporary in style, each painting tells of a moment in time in the lives of her subjects. Her signature sepia-toned palette, reminiscent of early photographs, has been augmented in recent years by the use of color in some of her canvases. “Turn of the century” vintage ski photos inspired Molly’s collection of ski paintings. These paintings bring back a time when the romance of skiing was just beginning in small mining and ranching towns such as Aspen, Sun Valley, and Steamboat. Dee’s work is large in scale and profound in impact; now widely collected by both individuals and corporations world wide.
Jace Romick Gallery is proud to now represent Molly Dee’s ski originals as well as exclusively offering limited edition Giclees of several of these vintage ski paintings.