A Creative Eye for the West

Photographer Jace Romick grew up on a Steamboat Springs ranch, with a rope in his hand on horseback in the summers and skis on his feet in the winters.
Jace’s first love, skiing, led to a gratifying career on the US Ski Team, competing in the FIS World Ski Championships and World Cup downhill events around the globe. His ranching heritage and love of horses drew him into the exhilarating world of rodeo, where he still competes today.
Jace’s extraordinary life experiences continue to influence his powerful photos, but another creative talent gives added depth to his pieces. Thirty years of exquisite furniture making skills enable Mr. Romick to design and handcraft artisanal frames to complement his engaging photos. By pairing reclaimed wood, rusted metal and hand forged hardware to mount his iconic images, Jace Romick creates masterpieces that are emotionally evocative, with a deep visual appeal.

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Jace Romick

“In addition to being a photographer
I consider myself to be a craftsman
and designer

Jace Romick’s earliest recollection of taking photos was at the age of ten, snapping Kodak Instamatic shots of his childhood heroes, Jean Claude Kelly and Billy Kidd. While travelling and competing around the world, Jace continued to use his camera to capture extraordinary moments. Through the years, Jace has remained true to his artistic passions, focusing his cameras on horses, the sport of skiing, the western lifestyle and mountain wilderness. Click here for a video to learn more about Jace.